Software Defined Radio, 100 Watt Transceiver, 160-6m. RX 30kHz – 54MHz. Includes automatic antenna tuner (ATU).
Includes SmartSDR V2 with SmartLink. With direct operation from the front and an 8″ high-res touch screen. 2 band displays can be displayed simultaneously. Includes SmartSDR V3 with SmartLink.


  • 4 independent band/mode receivers.
  • Direct operation from the front and an 8″ high-res touch screen
  • 2 physical receivers.
  • 7 th  order preselectors on the contest areas .
  • Two RX-only inputs.
  • True diversity reception.
  • Simultaneous monitoring of four bands, each max. 14 MHz wide, for example 80 meters and 40 meters on the same antenna and 6 and 20 on another antenna.
  • Two transverter ports.
  • Economical SO2R (OTSPR) support in one radio.
  • Contest band filters: > 50 dB suppression.
  • Direct Sampling SDR 254.76 Msps- 16 bit.
  • Built-in automatic antenna tuner.
  • Stereo microphone input with 6 mm plug.


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